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Specialised Dealer

Machine cleaning / dishwashers

We would also like to add that the requirements set out in the valid DIN standards, e.g. DIN 10510 – Food hygiene – Commercial dishwashing with multi-tank transport dishwashers – Hygiene requirements, procedure testing and DIN 10512 – Food hygiene – Commercial dishwashing with one-tank dishwashers – Hygiene requirements, type testing, and the associated parameters are observed, particularly the temperature of 60 °C in the washing water. This means that no further measures are necessary in the event of problem-free operation of the dishwasher.

You can also find further information about hygienic dishwashing online in the Practical Handbook Chapter 11 – Hygiene by the Arbeitskreis Gewerbliches Geschirrspülen (AK GGS.)

The advisory opinion of the Robert Koch Institute also states that: “Tableware can be transported to the dishwasher in a closed container and cleaned as is standard in hospitals.”

Commissioning dishwashers

• Check personal protective equipment (PPE)

Dishwasher: Check, clean if necessary and descale cover, spray/wash arms, curtains (wash/rinse). Fill the machine with water to the usual level and heat up until the dishwasher is ready to use.

Check hoses and hose pumps and replace if necessary.

• Clean, disinfect and refill fresh water supply isolation/supply isolation container.

  • For cover/undercounter dishwashers > at least three wash cycles without tableware
  • For band/basket transport dishwashers > run for at least 10 minutes without tableware