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Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene measures are some of the most important infection prevention measures because hands are one of the most common routes of transmission for pathogens. RKI information on "Hand hygiene in healthcare settings"

Dr. Weigert offers the following products for thorough hand hygiene:

All Dr. Weigert disinfectants have at least limited virucidal effect.

triformin safeDIS*

weigoman pure*

triformin decon*

triformin wash

triformin wash pure

Info poster – six steps for hygienic hand disinfection

Suitable for printing and displaying on your company premises – on this poster we show you the six steps for hygienic hand disinfection (standard handrub method according to EN 1500).

Please check the expiry date and/or opening date of the products when reopening.

Check the availability and condition of handwashing or disinfection stations. You may need to remove blockages from the dosing dispenser outlet, as well as clean and disinfect it.

You should also think about skin protection:
Skincare cream triformin care -
For moisturising your hands after work and during breaks.

Skin protection cream triformin protect -
Provides long-lasting protection for the skin against drying out.

Hygienic hand disinfection in six steps

Our tutorial on hygienic hand disinfection in six steps. Correct hand hygiene protects against infection and prevents transmission of pathogens, e.g. coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. For safe hand disinfection it is necessary to keep the hands moist with the disinfectant for at least 30 seconds.