Correct dosing

Why is exact and steady dosing of cleaning agents and rinse aids important?

Only a consistent and sufficient concentration of the process chemicals (cleaning agent and rinse aid) for the entire washing process guarantees perfect, economical, hygienic and eco-friendly results. Commercial dishwashers come with the option of automatic cleaning agent and rinse aid dosing units.

How is the right concentration determined?

Following initial assessment of the technical conditions on site, water quality, average degree of soiling and dried-on food as well as the type of items to be washed, the service technicians set the required concentrations of cleaning agent and rinse aid on site.

What requirements must the dosing units meet?

  • The have to dose precisely and durably and they must meet the valid safety regulations.
  • Malfunctions should be optically and/or acoustically perceivable.
  • Redosing of dosing containers and/or exchanging the product packages must be simple and easy to use.
  • The instruction of the staff as to the operation of these systems is absolutely necessary.

What must be observed when using a different product (cleaning agent)?

When changing a product dosing systems and reserve containers must be rinsed with fresh water.
The instructions on the safety data sheet must be observed.