Application & Ancillaries

Dosing station Hose Pumps Mixing Equipment

neomatik easyDOS

Dosing System

Hand pump for the simple, safe and direct metering of cleaner concentrates into open containers …

triformin dispenser

Dosing System

For dispensing the triformin products for hand hygiene and care: triformin dispenser 1.0 silver for …

neomatik pressure sprayer

Dosing System

For spraying diluted cleaner and disinfectant solutions. Pressure is supplied via a pump handle. …

Sprayer with extension

Dosing System

Sprayer with extension for convenient application of GASTRO STAR CombiClean and GASTRO STAR …

Dosing accessories

Dosing System

Dosing dispenser for bottles for the correct dosing from 1 L bottles. Stroke 5 mL up to 20 mL Item …

Pressure Dispenser, canister pump and hand lever pump for drums

Dosing System

Canister pump for 5L-, 10L- und 12kg canisters (30ml stroke) Item no. 9807 01 Canister pump 20L- …

Outlet tap

Dosing System

For the easy refilling of integrated and smaller containers: For 5 L and 10 L canisters Item no. …

Screw spout

Dosing System

Screw spout for 5L-, 10L- und 12kg-Canister Item no. 9810 11 Screw spout for 20L- und 20kg- bis …

Canister key

Dosing System

Plastic key for the easy opening of canisters and drums. Item no. 9810 08

Personal Protective Clothing

Protective clothing

Optimum protection when dealing with product concentrates. Protective gloves Item no. 9880 05 …

Spray attachments

Foam sprayer for GrillClean 750 ml bottles Art.-No. 950008 Sprayer for ready-to-use concentrates in …