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Launching food service operations | Hygiene

Hygiene requirements for reopening the catering trade.

Please observe the following points:
• Company measures
• Measures for activities with customer contact
• Customer information
• Pandemic and infection emergency plan
• Hospitality industry: Extension to the hazard assessment within the meaning of the SARS CoV2 Occupational Safety Standard

Cleaning and disinfection products

• Are there sufficient stocks of cleaning products and disinfectants?
• Is the documentation present and current:

  • Safety data sheets
  • Operating instructions
  • Cleaning and disinfection plans

• Have new products been added?

  • Documentation
  • Staff training


Industry expertise

Each Gastro Star detergent and rinse aid has been developed for a special application area. Find the matching products for your industry.

Hotels and restaurants

Impress your guests with clean plates, shiny cutlery, and sparkling glasses. Tailored to the conditions on site, you will find proven universal cleaners, specially powerful intensive cleaners, and even glass and bistro cleaners if necessary. Of course, we also have the corresponding rinse aids in our programme.

Cafés and bistros

Cafés and bistros place particularly high demands on machine washing. Coffee and tea stains need to be removed dependably, and glasses must be clean and sanitised when washed. In addition, the cleaners they use repeatedly perform “special tasks” like protecting surface finishes of drinking glasses. Bistros may also be looking for an all-purpose detergent, one they can count on to clean both dishes and cutlery.

Butchers and bakers

Both butcher’s shops and bakeries need cleaning agents that can handle not only their particular types of soiling but also the special items to be washed. In many cases, they need to clean pots, utensils and trays that are completely or partially made of aluminium. To help with this task, we offer aluminium-compatible products from Gastro Star, ensuring perfect material protection and perfect cleaning.

Daycare centres and schools

Potatoes, noodles, rice accompanied by delicious sauces — those are often the basic ingredients of a yummy school lunch. Cooks need to prevent starch build-up so that the plates can shine as much as the kitchen. Gastro Star offers top-class cleaners especially designed for this job. Naturally, we have the right products for every other task as well.