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Cleaning agent and rinse aid

Purpose of cleaning agent

The ingredients in the cleaning agent enable the residual food particles to be removed from the items being washed. Dissolved particles of dirt are finely dispersed and suspended in the cleaning solution. This prevents the dissolved particles from being redeposited on the surface of the items being washed. Other components prevent, for example, precipitation of hard water minerals and assist in removing stains from food, coffee and tea.

Alkaline components ensure the swelling and break-down of food particles such as starches, proteins and fats, and they help prevent corrosion.
Other components used to remove food particles are enzymes.
Polyphosphates or substitutes (complexing agents) prevent to a certain extent hard water minerals (lime scale) from precipitating.
Oxidative components of the cleaning agent, such as active chlorine or active oxygen, support removal of stains from coffee, tea or other food colourings.
Special disinfecting ingredients in the cleaning agent further reduce the level of bacteria.

Use the right cleaning agent in the right amount

Depending on the type of soiling and the items to be washed, the right cleaning agent from the GASTRO STAR line of products will ensure clean and sparkling results. Each individual GASTRO STAR cleaning agent was developed especially for its intended use. This allows the individual cleaning ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness (use our product search). In addition, the formulas used for GASTRO STAR products are highly concentrated, making them extremely efficient and highly economical. This helps avoid inadequate cleaning or overuse of the product thus, saving you money.
Nevertheless, it should be noted that only the proper dosing of the cleaner counteracts the process of corrosion. Dosing too little of the cleaning agent promotes corrosion and build-up of residues, such as starch, protein and lime scale.

Purpose of rinse aids

The purpose of the rinse aid is to reduce water tension and lower the interfacial tension. This achieves optimum wetting of the items being washed during rinsing with fresh water, allowing the water to run off in a film. Using a rinse aid shortens the time it takes for items to dry. If all the conditions inside the dishwasher are ideally matched, then the process will end with spot-free, dry, and sparkling results for the surfaces that have been washed.

Use the right rinse aid in the right amount

No two rinse aids are the same. When choosing a rinse aid, you should look for one that is appropriate for your conditions in your facility in order to prevent excessive dosing, insufficient drying, inadequate cleaning or wear and tear on your tableware, glassware and utensils. Depending on your requirements, you can use either a universal rinse aid (GASTRO STAR K 1), a rinse aid for plastic tableware (GASTRO STAR K 2), a special rinse aid for glassware (GASTRO STAR K 3) or a rinse aid with low foaming properties (GASTRO STAR K 4). For each of our rinse aids, we ensure that the surfactants used are high quality. The result will be sparkling dishes combined with extreme cost-effectiveness.