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Specialised Dealer

A passion for food service

People who work in the food service industry love what they do. For many years, GASTRO STAR has been applying the same level of passion to cleaning and disinfecting professional kitchens. Since the very beginning, our customers and their needs have been at the heart of what we do.

Decades of experience and diverse real-world applications flow into our work. We have a firm grasp of automated processes as well as substances, programme run times and the variety of ways in which dishes become dirty. At GASTRO STAR, we focus exclusively on cleaning and disinfecting in areas of application for professionals. This makes us experts in this area as well as an original — trusted by our customers in the food service industry for as long as they can remember.

Loyalty and continuity
Loyalty is not only a key component of our customer relations, but it has also been a consistent trait of our company throughout the history of GASTRO STAR. We remain true to our aspiration to manufacture and continuously improve a narrow but excellent range of products for machine washing and kitchen hygiene. We also remain loyal to our headquarters in Germany, where we develop and produce our cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The formula for success contains a large dose of passion, refined with components of curiosity and caring. Only by going into the details — no matter how trivial they may seem — can one turn out top-class products, finally leading to superb cleaning results. Our know-how is the best foundation for effective hygiene in the kitchen. GASTRO STAR — the original.