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Specialised Dealer

For every type of machine and every industry

Various sectors such as hotels and restaurants, cafés and bistros, bakeries and butchers, plus daycare centres and schools sometimes have different requirements when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. These differences begin with the number of items to be washed. Consequently, they employ various types of dishwashers ranging from compact under-the-counter models to practical hood-type dishwashers to powerful conveyor dishwashers. GASTRO STAR products are suitable for all these types of machines, regardless of their manufacturer. Your specific choice of GASTRO STAR product will be determined mainly by how the item to be washed was dirtied and what substance it is made of. We will offer you customised dosing technology based on the area of application and type of facilities where the product will be used. Thanks to our GASTRO STAR expertise and the GASTRO STAR product range, we can always supply you with the right solution.

Whatever you want brilliantly cleaned:
Trust the original.